Annoyingly, I Love My iPad Pro

If you know me at all, you will know I really am not a fan of Apple – I have an iPod Touch because nothing else came close when it came to podcasts, I’m selling it because Stitcher on my phone is better (plus i’ve got my iPad Pro now). I live in a Windows desktop world in many respects and many of my clients do so I’ve never really had the want, nor the budget, to want to move – plus to be honest I don’t really care for paying for a brand name, I care about functionality.
Last year I battled in my heart and mind over a Microsoft Surface or an iPad Pro, i decided on the later with the smart keyboard and pencil – it made sense then and it does now.

Recently I read a post by a good friend, Paul Boag, about why he really doesn’t like the ipad pro – i’m pretty sure he’s stopped using it … though maybe after this post he may reconsider.

His main concerns are around functionality but here is the thing… Paul wanted something the iPad Pro really never was…

Paul purchased the iPad Pro thinking it was a full Operating System that could be used to run his whole life from day one, and whilst it has a nice suite of apps including creative cloud from adobe (photoshop etc) and microsoft suite of apps and google apps etc it’s lacking lots of apps – even those available on other iPads were months from upgrades (even today there are still some I am missing). Paul isn’t stupid, far from it – he is a polymath and a true tech geek – he lives in a world of early adoption and should know more than anyone that this means things will be missing, he should also know that an iPad Pro is based on iOS not a full operating system and this means even iOS apps may be a few months from upgrades at times – Apple do get things wrong.

But this said Paul issues can be overcome… so here are a few things to help Paul…

File systems for iPad Pro & other iPad’s:
Adobe Creative Cloud Users – use the creative cloud file system, full sync is awesome (and backed up)
Dropbox – its pretty much the best filesystem i’ve seen on iOS, give it access to images too!
Google Drive – again a full blown system like dropbox
iCloud – not as many outside integration points as DB or GD but works well if you are stuck in Apple’s world

Apple’s Sucky iOS Apps:
Apple’s apps often do suck, seriously they really do.
Apps like notability, flowvella and google sheets are better in my view than any apps Apple / iOS has to offer – for a few quid drop keynote and numbers.

One of Paul’s final points is about choice paralysis and whether he selected the right product – the reality I think is that Paul needs to ask is what is the goal he is trying to achieve with the product and whether a tablet is really the best option for that. In many cases the answer is still “No” – I love giving a presentation on my iPad Pro but I wouldn’t dream of turning up without my laptop just incase and maybe even a USB in case that failed (and as a fall back, if I thought tech may be dodgy a print out – old school) – the question is not about “oh my which of these 15 of the same products from apple is the right one” the question should be what do I need to do and then which product is best suited for the need … I bet in 90% of cases Paul will find Apple isn’t the answer (but his brand loyalty will lead him back there) and then product paralysis of 16gb 32gb 128gb will take hold…

In short… I love my iPad Pro, its perfect for the work I do as an SEO (if only Google Analytics app was a little better). There is almost nothing I want to do I can’t do. The battery life is beyond that of my laptop these days, its lighter and performs the same tasks and then some, it works well in meets and is really easy to use and whilst it took a while to learn everything (for someone who didn’t really like Apple products) it was a painless process… I love my iPad Pro… its the perfect size for me … (i don’t think the small pro will be worth the money I should add).

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