Logo Redesigns – Do they always work?

Over the past few years there have been many logo redesigns, from twitter to hotmail to microsoft office. But have they all been a success?  or have they flopped and gone pretty much unnoticed?
Below are some examples of logo redesigns, which do you think have mad the service and company appear improved or better in some way? leave a comment and let us know.

A Redesign of the Google Mail Logo

Did anyone even know what hot mail was before the envelope redesign

redesign of logo service

redesign of logo, professional service

Twitter Logo Redesign

Virgin Atlantic Redesign

you don't have to change your logo

So which were the best, which failed, which impress and which don’t? You tell me?

Also if you have a logo redesign to share, tweet @andykinsey

2 Comments on “Logo Redesigns – Do they always work?”

  1. It depends how you define sucessful. In a way I think it is good to refresh the logo but keep the core blueprint in there. For example when GAP changed their’s they obviously realised that nobody or very few people recognised the drastic change in the logo as GAP “registered Trade mark”, the same GAP that people were used to shopping with and quickly changed it back.
    Where as the Virgin, Twitter and 2 MS examples, you notice a change, however you recognise the band you have been working with/ buying from. It attracts attention becasue it has been made different but still offers reassurance that it is the same company.
    I don’t think any of the examples have been “updated” to reflect what would be appealing to modern customers but the sucess has been, “to catch the eye and remind you that they are there”.
    That’s my view.

    1. I agree.
      In essence the logos / brands above have been updated but not significantly changed, as with GAP. It created a talking point and probably drove some sales but was a failure costing them a fair whack … just like when pizza hut tried to become pasta hut … long story but incremental change also doesn’t work if your users / customers don’t like it.

      Also many of the logo updates above happened along with other logo updates within the brand – I seem to recall Virgin changed a few of their logos at this time, it was about the time Virgin Galactic was launched. They wanted to instil some fun back into the brand, and this is also why they’ve put The Scarlet Lady on the front of their aircraft, its fun and meaningful (at least to some).

      The question I was trying to pose, is what you hit. Is subtle change better than total overhaul?

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