Flash Websites Are Not Exactly SEO-friendly

Flash may be one of the prettier things on a website but are becoming more important and popular on the Internet. Flash websites are not exactly SEO-friendly.
Using Flash is fine but you need to remember some golden rules to make a search engine ‘see’ it and index it properly. Google are slowly coming to terms with the importance of indexing Flash, but I think keeping it simple is still the way to go!

Search engines find new content by following hyperlinks. Use HTML-based hyperlinks pointing to all of the other content on your website (even if it uses Flash), and you will automatically get an improved user experience! Also make your title tag have meaningful description is key to having a user get an idea about your site before they continue to surf.

My first site was with Geocities and at the start it didnt have any Flash until later on. I was just having flash as the main site at one point and it proved a real sucess to my Flash abilities and I learned lots.

My Flash design didnt last that long but I wanted to experiment with other layouts but the positive points I found with using Flash are:

  • You can keep things in one ‘window’ and it wont whiz off to another page and have to reload everything again.

  • You can make beautiful preloaders and entertain guests whilst it loads with a funky graphic!

  • You can impliment Flash movie clips within the design and showcase things when the user may be reading about something else. A good idea is to maybe make a screen ticker that you can have across the top of the screen.

Flash is all about moving forward with design and whilst having a site with no Flash is boring I think a site with some flash may be better now as I am thinking more about the way that my users see the site and not for it to be ‘all singing all dancing’. This is since I researched about the indexing.

A disappointing thing about 100% Flash websites is that the positioning on screens can be a nightmare. That is a negative reason why I started coming away from website designing in Flash only. I feel that using this technology has given me steady knowledge into further projects I may take on or if I want to have a single element from my flash site I can do so!

Article Written by: GoldChoiceUK is a young web designer based on the south coast of the UK. You can see some of her work at GoldChoiceUK or follow her on twitter (@goldchoiceuk). GCUK also runs the DSHeaven Blog, lots of Nintendo reviews.

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