OK 500,000,000 users but can it really drive traffic to your website?
You have built your Facebook Fan Page in the vain hope that someone somewhere will say “wow” and share it with all their friends, and their friends and so on and so forth. It would be great if that was all you needed to do, there would be no need for this post to start off with!

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You may check your analytics daily to see if anyone has visited your website from your Facebook page, or post links to your latest blog post hoping for visitors to crash your website server that the traffic is so huge! Sadly you need to do a little more than that to a) gain more fans b) find the fans that will promote it for you and c) integrate your Fan Page into your long term SEO strategy.

Build Links back to your site

The majority of links from Facebook are no follow. The one place you will get a link back from is your Facebook Fan Page Wall, so make sure you put your URL in the “write something about…” box under your profile picture (no need to add http:// anymore!)
I say “majority” as I am still testing this, however I have discovered that use of anchor text in your blog post that has been imported to the Notes tab of your Fan Page, will result in these links have a do-follow (although redirected). So importing your blog posts to the Notes tab not only increases your visibility on Facebook and gets fans to interact there and then with the post without having to visit your website, but you are building more back links using relevant keywords, everyday to your site.

Install a Facebook “like” button on your website

Every time a user of Facebook clicks a like button this zooms into their friends Newsfeed and is posted to their Profile page. Wallah a whole host of potential new visitors to your site now have a link to click through to. To put this into perspective lets say the average Facebook user has around 200 fans. Your site has just been put into their newsfeed, 5 people click through and 2 of those “like” your site as well. Now your site is in front of 600 potential new visitors…and so it goes on. As an example, I recently wrote a Facebook News story that gained 14 likes and 98 visitors within a couple of hours from Facebook alone. Now that is the power of Facebook viral marketing!

Interact with your Facebook Fans

You’ve gained your new fans, now what on earth do you do with them? Interact, ask questions, and most importantly praise those fans that DO interact with you. Return the favour, do they have a Fan Page too that they are trying to promote? Pop over to their page and interact with them there.

Be helpful, don’t be too self promotional. Share other businesses posts on your page (do any of your fans run a business? Have they posted any recent blog posts lately?)

Put your Facebook Page in your signature

How many forums do you visit everyday? I bet you only have a link to your Website and Twitter account at best. Add your Fan Page now! Remember the more fans n your page, the more interaction, the more traffic is driven to your website. Don’t just stop at forums either! If you write a guest blog or two, and articles that are distributed across the web, place a link in your author bio too.

If you need more inspiration on how to improve your Facebook Fan Page and in turn increase the traffic to your website then download a copy of The Essential Facebook Fan Page Marketing Guide packed with useful tips to help you do just that! Thanks to SEOAndy you are one step closer to finding out how Facebook can work for your business. Why not pop over and tell me about your experience on my Facebook Page? 😉

Article & Guide Written By: Emma Ewers is an Internet Marketing VA specialising in Facebook Marketing, SEO and general Internet Marketing services for businesses. She offers a 4 week Internet Marketing Program for any business looking to improve their return in how they use online resources to promote themselves and connect with customers. You will often find her lurking on Twitter (@emmaewers) and Facebook or Blogging about her next big Facebook find on the IMVA website.

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Written by Andy Kinsey SEO Consultant
For over ten years I have been working with all kinds of clients big and small, start ups to multi-nationals, helping them to make the most of their online assets and ensure they can grow.