Motivation Monday #7 – We Make Mistakes

So here’s a question, do any successful entrepreneurs get to success without making mistakes?
If you think they do then, sorry, you’re wrong.

Mistakes are an inevitable part of human life, we all make them – pretty much everyday. Mistakes are important, not because of issues they may cause or outcomes they may have, but because mistakes can be learned from. Mistakes are what shape us as humans, they shape our working ethics, they shape how we interact with each other, they help entrepreneurs become successful.

Even the biggest business names in the world make mistakes today and yesterday. And they will in the future.

As Edison said: I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

and as Richard Branson said: You don’t learn to walk by following rules.You learn by doing and falling over.

So the reality is simple, we all make mistakes, its what how use the learning from those mistakes that really matters. So today, when you make a mistake, take 30 seconds, consider what happened & what you can learn from it – not just that you can apply to that problem but other problems too.

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