Monday Motivation #6 – I’m Not Ready Yet

Like many people I have a thought path that means I approach the start of a big task or something new with “I’m not ready yet”, it used to stop me in my tracks and I’d postpone whatever it was until tomorrow – but the next day I was just the same and sometimes it meant just never doing what I could have done or should have done.
This happens in life and in business. Sometimes it means not taking a big client, because that is a hell of a responsibility and “I’m not ready yet” or maybe it putting off that meeting which cuts those final strings from a client who is hell to deal with (we all have had them). In your personal life it could be anything from moving in with a partner to ending a relationship that is no longer working for either of you. The reality is “I’m not ready yet” is all around all of us every day of our lives, whether it’s us ourselves or those around us thinking it.

But here’s the thing I learned a few years ago & that was reinforced recently – Traction Comes With Action

This means that most of us decide to be inactive simply because we don’t think we have the motivation or energy to see something through. But the reality is that we gain motivation more through action than we do through inaction, as soon as we take a step we are committed to that action – we begin, mentally, to put our foot on the accelerator and build momentum which motivates us further and carries us forward. So, Traction Comes With Action.

That first action may not be the most comfortable, hell it may be hard to take, but the hardest thing really is getting the ball rolling. Think of yourself and your actions as a train, it takes action to get it started but once it’s rolling things become easier, the more action you take the faster the train goes and the more you can achieve.

Your Monday Motivation Challenge:

Do one thing today that you’ve been thinking about for a while but putting off. Maybe it’s telling clients your prices are going up, maybe it’s asking that someone special to marry you, maybe it’s giving notice on your job to work for yourself – whatever it is, end the “I’m not ready yet” journey and rum on the “Traction Comes With Action” train to bigger and better things.