Motivation Monday – Morning Routine…

Last February I wrote an article over on Medium (a great blogging/authoring platform) about my morning routine. At the time I wrote the article I’d been back working for myself, full time, for a couple of months and was settling into the swing of things.
A year on, I bumped into the article via a link on someones website and it got me thinking about my current morning routine(s).

Some things haven’t changed since I wrote the article:

  1. I still work more hours than a regular desk job – I love my work.
  2. I still get distracted and eat too many sweet things.
  3. I still block out portions of my day for myself, SEO work and Council work.

Some things have changed:

  1. I no longer have a static “wake up time” regiment.
  2. Sometimes my days get cut short, theres nothing I can do about that.
  3. I do still have a morning routine.
  4. I do still attempt to get out to work where possible.

My morning routine is pretty much dictated by how I am feeling and what the day has in store (in my mind), but it always starts with a shower, a cup of coffee and generally now breakfast of some kind. Breakfast eating on a regular basis is relatively new to me, i’m not a huge fan of cereal but toast, waffles and other such goodies more often than not are part of my routine now. I don’t think its right to say they set me up for the day but they certainly help me wake a little quicker.

Your Monday Challenge.

Spend 2 minutes writing down what you do most mornings as your routine to wake you up and get you ready to work at full productivity. Then spend just 1 minute thinking what one thing you could try to change, maybe it’s your cereal or milk, or maybe you could walk to the next bus stop 100m down the road to get a little exercise, or (one of my favorites) maybe you could buy a random person a cup of coffee just to be nice and make them smile

About Monday Motivation: Each week we will be posting a thought piece with an exercise for you to undertake. They will never take more than 5 minutes and if you share the outcome that is your choice, you are free to do it or not to share. The pieces will revolve around anything within the business world, from you and how you became who you are today, to how your business can challenge it’s industry to improve and become something more. If you’ve got a piece for Monday Motivation, ping us an email to monday*at*