Motivation Monday #2 – Not Letting Them Beat You

Have you ever felt like the whole world was against you, or even just someone else – felt like they were standing in your way? felt like they were trying to grind you down to make you disappear?
It’s a common enough story. There are many reasons for it, from simple business competition to the odd internal politics of the workplace, to personal life challenges that get at you every day of your life.

Your Monday Motivation Challenge

Take 30 seconds today two stick two (hypothetical, of course) fingers up to those who seek to beat you and your work down. Think of one way you can showcase what you are doing just a tiny bit better, and action it – maybe you could improve the signature of your email, maybe you could update your LinkedIn Profile (here’s mine) or sign up to Buffer to start scheduling some posts to talk about your work on Twitter or Facebook.

Something simple but signifies that they will never beat you, you will endure and you will succeed in what you do.

If you want to share your moment feel free to use the comments or to┬ámessage me on our facebook page. If you don’t want to share it thats fine too!

Here is my 30 second salute:

I updated my LinkedIn profile and my Twitter Bio, the summary and the cover photos.

I always forget about them, and I know that I don’t get seen on LinkedIn because I rarely have updated the profile until recently. Every Little Counts – as the slogan of some supermarket says.

So simple, yet it could drive more business.


About Monday Motivation: Each week we will be posting a thought piece with an exercise for you to undertake. They will never take more than 5 minutes and if you share the outcome that is your choice, you are free to do it or not to share. The pieces will revolve around anything within the business world, from you and how you became who you are today, to how your business can challenge it’s industry to improve and become something more. If you’ve got a piece for Monday Motivation, ping us an email to monday*at*

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