Monday Motivation #1 – Looking Back is Looking Forward

Whether you are looking to grow your business, create a niche interest website or add a channel to your ogranisation’s marketing aspect – you will hear the lots of talk about the future and how you shouldn’t look back at what has been. But this is wrong, the whole idea of not looking back is nonsensical, after all it is our heritage that makes us who we are as people and organisations.

Your Monday Motivation Challenge

So today I want you to take just 30 seconds and think about your past, what is it one obstacle you have overcome?

The idea is not to linger in detail about your history, but to take a real view of something that has been one of the many things to get you where you are – it could be something amazing or it could be a mistake you’ve made – either way be honest with yourself.

Remembering some moment from your past may feel odd, especially as you look to grow your business – but think about it for a moment, you are the sum total of everything you’ve ever done (good or bad), without looking back you don’t know what needs improving and you can’t even guess what your expertise truly is. Spending just a few moments today thinking about this could change your life (seriously!).

If you want to share your moment feel free to use the comments or to message me on our facebook page. If you don’t want to share it thats fine too!

Here is my 30 second thought looking back:

I am lucky that I didn’t get “tagged” with Dyslexia until I was at university. Looking back it’s clear it was always there, seriously I couldn’t spell the word PIG at the age of 7 or 8 and my use of the English language has been rather “iffy” (its why I don’t often write formal pieces of content on SEOAndy).

I am lucky in this regard because I had to build my own processes, my own work-arounds and my own bridges to overcome obstacles that others can do with ease, or indeed that others with Dyslexia often had help with in one way or another. I am not saying that I wouldn’t have welcomed help when I was young – I no doubt would have – but if I had I may have used it as an excuse to not do something or to underachieve. As it is I battled to achieve what others found easy, I became a person willing to stand up and be heard – a person who doesn’t give up at the site of a challenge, a person who enjoys a challenge.

I left school with 13 A* – C GCSE’s, I’ve got A Levels & went to university where I received a Diploma of Higher Education. I’ve worked for some amazing companies, from Agencies working with global organisations to those with a specialist industry. I now work for myself, I still have to work hard to stay organised, I still love a challenge. I am who I am because I was lucky to not be diagnosed with Dyslexia and I am lucky because around me I had family, friends and teachers who pushed me everyday – being pushed and challenged are one and the same, it’s why I love working with the clients I do.

Featured Image by Dr Wendy Longo

About Monday Motivation: Each week we will be posting a thought piece with an exercise for you to undertake. They will never take more than 5 minutes and if you share the outcome that is your choice, you are free to do it or not to share. The pieces will revolve around anything within the business world, from you and how you became who you are today, to how your business can challenge it’s industry to improve and become something more. If you’ve got a piece for Monday Motivation, ping us an email to monday*at*

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