In Short: Local SEO Experiment Results – Amazing!

local seo services rank number 1Around a month ago I began a small but significant SEO test based on what I knew of Google Hummingbird and how it affected Local SEO Search Rankings.
The task was simply to build a page, promote it using social media and user comments only, in order to achieve high search rankings for the given specific search terms.

The Results are pretty staggering, number 1 search rankings on our primary targets “local seo services in manchester” and a number of peripheral rankings in the top 10. Much more than we expected, especially given we had only around 50 social shares and 6 comments. But the results show that the hypothesis we had was correct and more than worth testing.

You can read more about the experiment on the RedStar Blog.

Alternatively you can download the RedStar PDF which explains everything in full about this experiment.

Download the PDF

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