Another??? New Design [note to readers]

Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to pop by and say a few things which I hope clear a few things up.

First – Another New Design

Over the past few months (6 or so) we have tweaked and renewed our website design. We’ve changed so much that we have had a number of complaints that it’s making some readers feel insecure as they are unsure just why things are changing. So I want to address that somewhat in this post, but before I do that I want to confirm that this will be the last change for at least 6 months.

So, Why the want to change so much?
Basically, the design we had even just a year ago wasn’t suitable for many of our readers. It was slow to load and relied on outdated libraries – many of which (and this played a big part) are today seen as having security holes in them. Further to this although the site was fairly adaptive a year ago and 6 months ago, it wasn’t responsive and it was heavy on code and graphics, making it slow to load. The final want to change is that we (myself, my fellow writers on seoandy and the close group of friends who keep SEOAndy alive) didn’t really like the design, so we changed it – tweaked it and recently dumped it… and we have again today in favour of something much nicer.

Is this new website design “perfect”?

Whether you are looking as a designer, seo, or just someone looking for information – this new design isn’t yet perfect, its not yet amazing, its not yet where we want to be – but it is better (much better) than it was previously, we feel.

We know it’s not yet amazing and so we will keep tweaking things based on analytics, testing and your feedback.

Speaking of which if you want to give feedback or let us know of a bug use the survey link below

More SEO Articles – Coming Soon

We are keenly aware that we have recently had very few blogs and articles published. This is pretty much on purpose.

In a short few weeks, we will be starting to implement our plan of releasing “deep dive posts”, once or twice a month. We will also be (with as many posts as possible) be publishing downloadable resources, expanding on our articles. We hope that this will both mean those who want a quick fix can read online, and those who either don’t have time for a read or want more in-depth detail or to read a white paper can do so.

If you’ve any suggestions on the kind of post we have (deep dive or otherwise) or want to ask us to write about a specific subject do let us know – again using the survey link above.

Thanks for Reading

Andy & The SEOAndy Team

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