A Year’s Worth of Search Queries in Webmaster Tools!

The promise of more helpful tools and information from Google Webmaster Tools has been looming for a while, over the past few months we’ve seen some great changes including changes to indexed status, manual actions being listed and some cool integration into Google Analytics. Late last week Danny Sullivan of  Search Engine Land (a must read blog for any SEO) confirmed that Google are now making a move to include a year’s worth of Top Search Query data in webmaster tools.
Note: there is no current date for this to happen but we’d expect it to be within a month.

Uses of Search Queries in GWT

In addition to search results ranking and visitor numbers for search you can also look at impressions and click-thru rates for terms. This means you can do plenty of cool stuff with the data for your site, and now even more so with the role out of a year’s worth of data, it was formerly 3 months-ish.

  1. Prepare by understanding your website’s goals and your target audience (then using Search Queries “filters” to support your knowledge)
  2. Sort by clicks in Top queries to understand the top queries bringing searchers to your site (for the given time period)
  3. Sort by CTR to notice any missed opportunities
  4. Categorize queries into logical buckets that simplify tracking your progress and staying in touch with users’ needs
  5. Sort Top pages by clicks to find the URLs on your site most visited by searchers (for the given time period)
  6. Sort Top pages by impressions to find valuable pages that can be used to help feature your related, high-quality, but lower-ranking pages

Source: Google Webmasters Blog

Maile Ohye of Google Product Development explains how she uses search tools in the video below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wWB1PS8H7Q&w=720&h=405]

Featured image by Mager on Flickr

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