Brand Boxes in Google Search

For a long time we’ve watches as Search Results have changed and been shook up, images moving around, maps appearing – then moving to the right, then came along Graph Box in search results. This week a potentially new change has taken place for some users, branded search now deliver boxed results with larger site links.


And for those with a graph box or localised information



If you spot any changes to Google search results let us know @andykinsey

Hat tip to Brian Martin

One Comment on “Brand Boxes in Google Search”

  1. What I found interesting was when you think outside of the branded boxes. What Google has been doing for brands lately with sitelinks and site links and only seven other results and now this. It’s my belief they’re trying to make brands “happy” but still allowing the generic non brand terms slip in terms of overly doing the sponsored listings. I still believe they’re trying to “force” businesses to pay to be on Google rather than using search optimisation techniques.

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