SEO and Web Design Resources

I often get asked what blogs I read, what resources I use and in general how i keep upto date with the ever changing state of the web. In this post I want to share a few of my favorite resources and in doing so I hope that you too can continue to grow your knowledge of SEO, Web Design and the web as a whole.
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SEO / Internet Marketing Resources

SEOMoz Blog & User Blog – famous in the SEO world, a “go to” blog resource for many an seo.

Dave Naylor’s Blog – a fairly well known seo blog which looks at the latest news from the seo world.

SEO Round Table – another news based seo blog

Top Rank Marketing Blog – a top seo blog exploring many seo issues and topics

Chris Brogan’s Blog – a famous seo who writes great pieces

Google Webmasters Blog & GWT Videos – do i need to explain this?

GrayWolf SEO – not updates as much as it used to be, but still a go to seo blog

SEO by the sea – a superb seo blog for anyone interested

Bruce Clay’s SEO – a famous man and a famous seo blog

SEO Book Blog – a great resource and training course

This Week in Google – Podcast – covers all things web

Content Talks – 5by5 Podcast – content strategy is queen

Digital Marketing Podcast – Target Internet Podcast – a much admired seo podcast

Website Design Resources

A List Apart

Smashing Mag

Net Magazine

Boagworld + Boagworld Podcast

CSS Beauty

Andy Budd

Sitepoint Design Blog

Andy Rutledge

Jacob Cass – Just Creative

Vandelay Design Blog

Web Design Depot

Specky Boy

Digital Marketing – Target Internet Podcast

The Big Web Show – 5byb5 Podcast

The Web Ahead – 5by5 Podcast

General Tech Resources

This Week in Tech – Tech News Podcast

Security Now – Security Podcast

Tech News Today – Tech

TechDrink – Tech News Blog

Triangulation – Podcast

In Beta – 5by5 Tech Podacast

Tech Crunch – Tech Blog

GigaOm – Tech Blog

Ars Technica – Tech Blog

Smarterware – General Tech Blog

ReadWriteWeb – General Tech Blog

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