Google Webmasters Academy

Over the past few years here at SEOAndy we’ve attempted to cover some of the most important aspects of SEO in some depth. In the beginning we covered the basics of SEO, but we’ve never revisited that, and thats because there are many websites covering the basics. One such website comes from Google and I today want to share that site with you.
The site is called Google Webmaster Academy.

The GWA has come about through the expansion of the Google Webmaster Guidelines in recent years and in essence covers the basics of SEO including: how google works, influencing your site ranking, creating great content and how to integrate Google+ with your site.

There are several levels to the Webmaster Academy, these are:

SEO for Beginners
SEO for Advanced Users
Tips for Buinsesses
and Using Webmaster Tools.

Finally don’t forget the Google Webmasters YouTube videos.

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