10 High Priority SEO Tips for 2012

SEO Tips are easy to come across, just Google it, there are millions of pages offering them. But you will notice that many of the tips on offer from SEO Blogs are the same old things again and again.
Today I want to give you a list that is more than just 10 seo tips, I want to give you 10 tips which will save you from the fall of updates like Penguin and Panda. These are my 10 High Priority SEO Tips for 2012 that will save your website this year.


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SEO Tips for 2012

<h4><span style="color: #ff0000;"><strong>Create High Quality &amp; Unique Content</strong></span></h4>

Great unique content is the basis for SEO, without great content you may as well whistle into the wind. You need to make people want to share your content and ensure that it is top quality content.

Keep Producing Fresh Content

A website that doesn’t change for months is a dead website to your users and search engines. Search engines and users love fresh content, it inspires loyalty from readers and ensures search engines will visit your site on a regular basis. Also the more fresh, relevant, unique and high quality content you have the more likely you are to rank highly in search results.

Focus on 1 Keyphrase Per Page

Keyphrases are your focus of a page. Each page you create should be summed up with one keyphrase of about 5 words, for example Piano Lessons in Manchester or Handcrafted Silver Jewellery or Gorgeous Designer Baby Clothing. Choosing the keyphrase before writing you page content will help naturally make your content lean towards the keyphrase you want to rank for. You can learn more about using keyphrases for SEO here.

Make Your Website Accessible to All

Ensure that your content is written in a friendly way that your reader will understand. Ensure your website is coded to modern web standards and that it is able to be used using PC’s, tablets, mobiles and accessible browsers. Doing this will also ensure that search engines can find and process your website easily.

Create Amazing SEO Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

These are your sales windows on search results pages, so make them page. Carefully crafted page titles and meta tags can really help boost click through to your website and drive visitors.

Use your Keyphrase in your URL

Focusing on a keyword or keyphrases is great, so make sure search engines know it’s the focus. In addition to your page title, and content put it into your url, this will secure the signal and say this is what this page it about.

Use Microformats in Relevant Areas

Microformats are a way of pointing out a particular type of information, so a business address, an article, an event or a person. There are several key types of microformat, one which bing and google are known to use is Schema.org, you can also check out what formats google is seeing on a page when you’ve implemented them using this rich snippet tester.

Contribute for Links 

Blog comment and forum participation are great ways to gain links and drive some traffic. But what they are better for is branding you and your website as part of the community. Do not silo yourself by not looking and contributing to other websites. Participation gains reputation which means both users and search engines will trust you. Go on participate, leave a comment.

Be Social and Enjoy the Rewards

Engaging using social media may seem time consuming but it is well worth the effort. Social media won’t just drive traffic, but it will drive reputation, search rankings and will help show that you are not just a company there are real people in your company. A human face is always a great way to interact with potential customers, so be personal get social and enjoy. And remember, social media is not a waste of time.

Enjoy Your Passion

Your website is your passion and no amount of SEO can convey passion that isn’t there. So write the content yourself, show why you love what you do and how you do it. Showing something is your passion makes people trust and love your site, its that honesty that will bring people back time and again. Be friendly and Be Passionate. Go on, get started! Love it!

13 Comments on “10 High Priority SEO Tips for 2012”

  1. Producing fresh content is important but posting everyday is a bit too much. You need not to drain your energy on posting new articles everyday. People will not be able to see the other articles you have put up no matter how good they were if they are well hidden beneath a group of otherwise normal quality posts. Just keep posting but stick to a schedule so you can think of new posts and optimize them to be of major use to your blog’s traffic.

  2. Schedules are fantastic if you can write far enough in advance, which everyone should be able to do. However, this schedule should not discourage people from jumping in and posting at random times too about say things in the news that are relevant or just an extra “bonus” post for fun. These posts can add more value to your site from a customer point of view than other blogs at times.

  3. Don’t force yourself to write things in such a way that your personality would be hidden. If you want to show yourself to the world through your online content, you have to write in your own best way. Don’t let any SEO tip become your shackles when your creating content. They’re there to help you become visible on the search results, but that doesn’t mean that you have to force yourself to become visible.
    = Gerald Martin =

  4. Very nice tips.. Important: Robots.txt files instead of Robots meta tags, as some search engine robots do not recognize the tag. Thanks.

  5. Those are really cool,as a newbie in SEO i don’t know those priority all i know is to optimize,i am glad you share and for sure most of the newbie specially in Finland country will love it if i bookmarked this one.

    1. building things like a portfolio of work or services, adding details to them is great for building content. Also refreshing content is as good as adding new content in some ways and it shows Google you are still working on some old things too, longevity being the keyword here.

  6. One more tip: download a website text reader (screen reader) and ‘listen’ to how your website looks. These freely downloadable applications translate the written words on your website into audible speech, and they scan the webpage in the same way and direction web browsers do. Listen to the content and structure of your site. Is your most important message coming across? Would you be interested in listening to your site if you were a human user? Would a computer server rate your site highly if all they had to work with was what you are listening to?
    Computers don’t have eyes. Using a screen reader will help you analyse what the server is ‘seeing’. Try it yourself : You’ll hear … then you’ll see.

  7. Hello Mr. Andy…I think SEO is one phrase For Optimized to Google Seach, coz Google is The Biggest Search Engine in the World. People Know, how much any people used Google as them Search Engine. But,,, Every day… Google always do Update their Algoritm.. What a SEO Techniq would be like that for nest time?
    Most of Seacrh Engine do not do update for their algoritm, but Google always do it day to day..


    1. Incorrect, most “big” search engines do update everyday, week or month. from Google to Bing to Biadu to Yandex and beyond. SEO – as i’ve always said – is a journey not a destination, you suggest it is a destination and so have already lost half the battle.

  8. Very well explained andy! I have never heard of keyphrase so im gonna research about it and use this technique in my up coming articles. 🙂

  9. Hi Andy, great stuff and 100% on the money. Recently had our site redesigned and took a hit on the rankings, going through with a fine tooth comb to try and put everything back as it was now but getting there. It’s good when you go down someone’s list and can say, we do that, we do that, we do that 🙂 fingers crossed we will be back to normal soon. Thanks for the post, have a good day 🙂

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