Matt Cutts explains How to Rank #1

Its now a week since Sam Applegate (@seosammo) posted a video mash up of Google head of Web Spam Matt Cutts (@mattcutts). In the video we finally discover the secrets of how to get to number one in Google search rankings, and it’s not what you may think.
Now I just want to share this fun video with you, if you want to know more about how Sam found the secrets and put the video together, checkout his blog entitled How to Create a Matt Cutts Google Mash up Video.

Also do take time to read another of Sam’s blog about he helped make the youtube video go viral.

Img Src – Michael Dorausch

6 Comments on “Matt Cutts explains How to Rank #1”

      1. (Oh, I just realised that you’re an SEO consultant, and therefore technically my competitor).
        So, urm, well… Actually they do help. Yes. Do everything Matt says in this video. Absolutely! 😉

          1. Ummi please if you are going to comment, make it worthwhile… and read the other comments & make sure you understand them.

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