30 Days with Lycos Search – Fun & Draining

Its now over 30 days since the challenge began, and a few days since I forgot to change back my default search engine in Chrome!
So looking back how did the Lycos 30 day challenge go?

Well if you want more detail than this summary do pop over to read the full journal for the lycos 30 day challenge here. But if you want a quick summary and a quick breakdown of the results look no further than this post.

The one goal I wanted to achieve was to find out whether the Lycos search engine was actually any good and better than what people currently thought. The other aim was to talk with @Lycos to see whether some things could be improved. So…

Is Lycos A Good Search Engine?

The truth of the matter is that Lycos as a search engine is a mixed bag. It has some good results and some bad ones, that is pretty much because it is at the whim of the Yahoo Search API it uses. This updates their search index but are the same results that led to Yahoo turning to Bing powering search a while back. The search is heavily focused on the USA even when searching from .co.uk – this can be a little jarring until you remember to put “uk” at the end of each search, which seems to fix this issue a little.

The results are fairly accurate and digging into the top 10 results of each search it’s clear why they have good rankings and why some are better than others – but there are still some odd results in there and spammy websites appearing in 2nd or 3rd.

Once you get past the first page of results its a matter of chance whether you are going to get some good results or really bad ones, that said normally what you want as with most search engines is on the front search results page.

Looking beyond the search at the whole package is the best way to view Lycos, I must admit. The design is pretty clear and with a site built to modern standards which is responsive, serving the same site and not another site for mobile devices. It is quick loading and after some initial bugs in image search I can’t fault the mobile experience. Now…

Will I Keep Using Lycos?

The short answer is that Yes I will continue to use Lycos, but not as my default search engine. Lycos will become my secondary engine ahead of Bing and others. The results it gives are good enough to warrant a round of applause but need to be more focused on the UK for .co.uk searches really.

I love the mobile search being the exact same results, this is what I want and expect from Google in the future. I do not want to just be served mobile websites which actually look a little crap compared to normal sites which are well designed, when I use by smart phone. I sometimes think Google is blind to it’s own operations sometimes, search and android… not brother and sister I thinks.

Well done @Lycos and thanks for making this a real conversation.