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Now it’s very rare that you will hear me speak about a conference I have been too or am going to on here. Mainly because I would rather give you the information from the events than just review them. However, today I got rather excited about a conference I will be at next week, the ionSearch Conference in Leeds.
As such I felt I would write about why I am fairly excited about going to this conference in particular and why I think this conference is different to many others.

Advanced Search Marketing Conference Leeds 2012

First let me tell you the agenda looks amazing. The #ionsearch conference is a one day event, normally you would see a bunch of streams of activity with lots of speakers and it can be hard to choose because the best ones will be on at the same time normally. This conference has lots of great speakers, yes, but the streaming is different its split into 3 speakers, panel and tools. So lets take a look at each section and which bits got me excited about the event.

Speakers at ION Search Conference

The first speaker I am excited about is Lee Odden. Lee is the CEO of TopRank Online Marketing, though he’s actually more known for being a social media guru and conversationalist @leeodden . He’s well worth the follow and if you are at ION Search do have a chat with him should you get the chance, he is a great guy and really friendly – plus he as always I am sure will have some amazing advice.

The next speaker I can’t wait to hear from is Patrick Altoft, who is the Director of Search at Branded3 – a search optimisation agency in Leeds. Patrick will be talking about the how you can link build in competitive industries and marketing. This is a subject I’ve recently taken a lot of interest in as my own clients move from on-site optimisation to off-site optimisation. Judging by the blogs and latest news @branded_3 and it’s staff are pretty great and worth talking to.

The third person I really want to see at ION Search Conf is Matt Bush, who is the Head of UK Agency for Google. Ok I am a Google fan boy, but thats not why I want to hear from Matt. I want to hear about Google+, how it relates to search and how we as digital optimisation machines can make the most of what G+ offers. I also want to ask if he knows when we will get “write access” for the API. If you’d like to talk with Matt, check out his Google+ or say Hello at the conference.

Expert Panels at ION Search Conference

Normally panels at conferences and events can be either boring or really exciting. Each session is an interactive Q&A – SXSW style – and I am sure each session will be superb. I am pretty sure that looking at the panel agenda and who is taking part in each that ionSearch will have one of the best panel days ever! really, honestly ever!

The day starts with SEO Content Strategies, something I bang on about a lot to clients about needing to get right. Many SEO’s have screamed in the face of Panda again and again and this lovely panel of SEO Experts will, I believe, set those people on the track to success again.

The next session will be about SEO for ecommerce, a top very close to my heart as many of my clients are online stores. This panel will look at the latest techniques and how you can increase your revenue. The panel includes Patrick Altoft, mentioned above, and Stu Owens another great guy from Bloom Agency where he is Head of SEO.

Later in the day there is Creative Link Building and Future Proofing Your SEO, both of which look to be great sessions to attend. In particular I want to hear what Andrew Girdwood (bigmouthmedia) and Kirsty Hulse (blue claw) have to say about the future of SEO and what we can all do to make the most of our efforts today for tomorrow.

SEO Tools and Management

Normally this is where you would find lots of businesses spamming people with sign up forms and saying go on try it. But ionSearch is different there are some great tools to be seen, tried and understood.

I won’t go on about each of them individually but rather I will just say that Kenshoo, cognitiveSEO and searchmetrics are all part of the SEO tools stream of talks / panels / showing and they’ve all shown themselves already to be great and worth a peek. Further to this a Linkdex will be there, another great tool, and will be showing of some new features (exclusive launch!)

Excited about ionSearch

So basically, there it is I am excited about a fair amount at the ionSearch Conferece. From some amazing speakers to awesome panels it is going to be really exciting and I am glad that BlueClaw SEO decided to run this search conference. Thanks Blue Claw.

Oh and finally, I am pretty sure there are still a few tickets left for the conference. so if I’ve wetted your appetite it would be great to see you there, and who knows maybe have a coffee or two.

One more thing – on twitter follow @ionsearch and #ionsearch

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