‎5 Non-intuitive Business Ideas of Success

Big Ideas are Easier than Little Ones – big ideas inspire people, it means you can build a team. Think bold and attract greatness, think small and it could just be you still next year!
Say No Often – don’t let your customers dictate what you do, listen to them but dont be dragged around by them. Work done in your own time and that are your own ideas (yes built on others) will always be better than that which you are forced to do.

Under Price, Over Simplify – make something cheaper and simpler, that is what will disrupt and expand a given market or niche. Focus on what is important and don’t over complicate your idea – simple will win through.

It’s Your Community – these are those who engage with you or simply visit your website. Don’t forget them, always care for them and talk to and with them. Find out why they are using your site and product and how they use it – you can make things better. The more you care for a community the larger it grows – the best example is facebook, you as a customer are number one just like half a billion other people!

Don’t go too far too fast – think of growing 10% a year not 100%, continual growth and iteration of products and service will last decades. Overnight booming will lead to a crash in your business in the next few nights, so keep your eye on stars but get there gradually and you will still be here when your competition have gone.

What non-intuitive have worked for your small business?

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