6 Ways to Craft Your Meta Descriptions Perfectly

The Perfect Meta Description is something I’ve mentioned in a previous post, if you’ve not read that I advise you read it first. Following on from that I wanted to give you some simple ideas about how to create a killer meta description that will increase your click-through’s from search results pages (SERPs).
Create the perfect meta tag description

It’s an Elevator Pitch

Forget the 60 seconds you are used to in the lift, you’ve got 20 or 30 seconds (if you are really lucky) to pitch your idea, page and selling point. In that time you have about a tweet’s worth of content to explain everything, consider everything carefully – you’ve hours to figure out what will say in those few important seconds to make it perfect!

Never Repeat a Description

This is less about your mindset and more about search engines (and users of course). Basically neither like to see the same thing repeated, they like something unique and if it’s not unique they wont like you – as such you may not rank for those pages with the same description and users are less likely to click-through … meta descriptions (like page content) need to be unique.
This is even more important in today’s post panda world.

Don’t use HTML

I can never make this point too much, whether its a hyphen (-), plus (+) or quotation mark (“) or any other not alphanumeric don’t use it. Search engines will throw it up as a HTML code most of the time, it will not use them as you wish for any rankings and depending on your character code (on site) you may encounter other issues. This warning is for all meta tags.

Keyword Rich and Relevance

No doubt you have a keyword strategy, for e-commerce sites it could just be brand names and category names (broad but can work) for others like this blog it’s more defined. Your meta tag should be keyword rich yet highly relevant and still pull your audience in. It is a sales pitch so don’t have 15 key words … it won’t rank it will look ugly and people won’t click it. One sentence, max 2 key words and a nice sell.
Oh and check your spellings.

Craft Your Meta Description

Research what others would say about similar pages, do searches for the phrase you want to be found for, think about the 4 points above and craft your meta description. It’s not easy but with practice it will be quicker and you may not need to do 20 searches for what you want to be found for, usually your competition will be predictable – so think outside the box! If you copy what they say it won’t work… this is your sell and must be crafted to go with your content, a continuous tone is required.

Iterate Your Carefully Crafted Description

One thing people forget is that you can always update your meta tags. Google won’t always re-index them in a few days (like it may a new page) but it will eventually. So if you’ve a product page or 1000 of them update them on a regular basis. Meta tags can be living things, you just have to remember they are there and that these are the things which will get you an audience that will buy from you. Practice makes perfect.

5 Comments on “6 Ways to Craft Your Meta Descriptions Perfectly”

  1. Thank you for the post!
    Recently I have noticed on Google that if you search few keywords, we don’t see meta description at all! only title and the url we can see. However those sites are in #1 and #2. any idea?

    1. Thats interesting, I will take a look at it and see if I get the same thing or otherwise…
      can you let me know the terms you searched (contact@andykinsey.co.uk)

  2. Nice article Andy. Some good reminders to business owners who are relatively new to meta tags. I never thought of the meta desc. specifically like an elevator pitch, but the analogy works perfectly.

  3. Excellent article!
    This and your 10 high priority SEO tips gave me a lot of ideas. But dealing around with SEO I’m stuck on how to gain more visitors to my website.

    I have a web app called Mailator. It’s basically an email marketing and publishing platform based on subscribers rather than email sends. I’ve been working on this project for 2+ years and it’s finally hot ‘n’ ready. But when trying to figure out how to get visitors, and of course, users, I don’t know how to start. I’ve used adf.ly advertising, google adwords, linkbucks, but no results. I’m starting to think that it all was just a waste of time and money. But I will never give up, all I need is tips on where to start in the traffic business.

    Thanks a lot, and I’d appreciate any advise!

    1. I think you’ve made a good start by reading and understanding these posts, i’d suggest reading a few more and taking a peak at the seomoz blog amongst others. Also look at conversion optimisation. As you no doubt now understand traffic is great but its conversions that will pay the bills

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