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Last year I posted about how to create an awesome business card design and recommended a few printers for business cards. I also posted 25 awesome business card designs. One of the printers I recommended and continue to recommend is offer what I can only describe as a luxury touch without the price tag to match. The quality is superior compared to others in the sector and turn around times often faster too. In the post linked above where I recommend for business card printing, I must admit I had only used them a few times, that was enough convincing. To date I’ve printed with them many times since, each time trying something new with the design, type of card printed and generally had fun playing around.

Above are the business cards designed for Rhona Petrie, and printed using

The Importance of Business Cards

Business Cards are about starting a conversation, they are about saying Hello! Great Business Card Design gives you a leg up on your competition, if your design is less than great you could be risking loosing a new client! Don’t let it happen to you.

So with business cards vital to attracting new customers by starting conversation and sparking memory later, it is time to ask to what cost are business cards effective. AKA how much should you be paying for their worth.

The answer is actually hard to gauge. For a web designer like myself where each new potential client needs something special to make you stand out from the crowd business cards are worth more than perhaps a shop owner who only gives cards to manufacturer representatives and leaves them on the store counter. You have to look at how much you think each potential client is worth, how much competition you have and whether this one little piece of card is important enough to warrant spending some cash on.

This said, isn’t that expensive – though it’s not as cheap as say VistaPrint. With you can get some awesome business cards (including mini business cards) from around £10.

Once you’ve sorted your printing it’s time for packaging. If you are a designer you can order white label boxes for your clients, if you are printing for yourself save the time & money and just take the normal packaging. If you want a case to carry them around in because the awesome white packaging isn’t enough there are options for this too.

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