2011 has departed and 2012 has begun. Search Optimisation and Digital Marketing is a fickle niche that is hard to predict, though I did my best a few weeks ago with 18 seo predictions for 2012 and it would appear other SEO’s are in agreement.
So to welcome in the new year I want to take a quick look book at my favourite and your favourite posts from 2011.

My Favourites:

    Brand Positioning
    One of my pet topics in 2011 was Branding and Brand Marketing. Branding is vitally important regardless of your market and audience, without the best brand and identity you may as will whistle into the wind. This post is about moving your brand for maximum effect for your audience.

    BBC Homepage – Redesign of the Year
    One of the most┬ácontroversial┬áposts of the year. I love the redesign but few others seem to … at least if you listen to the few people continually commenting on my blog and the BBC website, and not the huge mass of people who haven’t said anything about it and are probably quite happy with it. I think it is more the comments I like from this post rather than the article itself.

    Yell.com Websites a Waste of Space!
    This is one of my more ranty posts of 2011, though I must say there was a hell of a lot of agreement on twitter and facebook for the sentiment in the article.

    and finally, 25 Awesome Business Card Designs
    I loved doing the research for this post, the designs in the post are ones which have inspired my designs both online and offline over the past year or so. I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did.

Most Visited Posts of 2011

Written by Andy Kinsey SEO Consultant
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