“The report of my death was an exaggeration” Twain & Email

So last week we heard a story from the BBC, it reported that Google Plus was already dead. But that simply isn’t the case, with 40 million sign ups in the first 100 days it broke the record for the fastest growing social media network ever.
This week I read the Mark Zuckerberg announced the death of E-Mail. 
See the story here.

But lets be honest, with business users on average sending over 100 e-mails a day, over 3.1 billion email accounts (researchers at Radicati claim) Zuckerberg will have to do more that just claim the death of email to make it so.

The founder of facebook, which uses the @ symbol to now link profiles in status messages, believes email is not the messaging system of the future. But I have to say, coming from the owner of the worlds largest social network, it is kind of predictable. Zuckerberg is trying to a) move attention from Google+ b) move attention away from Twitter and c) trying to somehow tout his own company … but zuckerberg doesn’t tell us what he thinks the future is.

Maybe the future is the messaging system Facebook uses – by the way you can get an email address for it and use it just like email (funny that). But I doubt it.

Actually I don’t know what the future of messaging is, maybe it will just be instant messenger type things or maybe we will all become telepathic – the one thing I do know however is that Email is here to stay!

The reasons is this: Email and Social Networks are inherently different, one is for friends family and lots of business, the other is pretty much only personal stuff. So my friends fear not for your overflowing inbox is hear to stay!

So get emailing!

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