In Short: Introducing Google Site Speed for All

Google has for sometime been telling the world the load speed of a page is being (to some extent) taken into consideration when ranking a webpage. This make sense, when you take the idea of search engines wanting to make people happy, people are happy online when things appear very quickly and they don’t have to wait 20 minutes for a page to load.
So if you are like me, then you will no doubt have been tracking your pageload speed with a huge number of add-on’s to a browser. It gets some what annoyingly hard to use when you’ve 500 other SEO plugin’s for a browser running. So when a few weeks ago Google announced Page Speed was now available without this plugin I am sorry to say I got … giddy.

The online version is nice and easy to use, simply go to the webpage (link below) enter your webpage address and hit enter. Sit back wait a few seconds and the results of the test will appear along with advice telling you what you could do better and how. Even better than this it is categorised into lovely sections telling you which is most important, quite important and not important etc.


You can also now track this in Google Analytics, if you pair up your analytics account with your Google Webmasters account. There are also some other nifty graphs and stats available through doing this. Dig around and have a play.

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