Welcome to Google+ Pages

Yesterday, Google+ released the long awaited Google+ Pages for Business … whoop!
But it was more of a damp squib than a celebration, as people began to create them we soon realised that something wasn’t right. The pages were being created but they look exactly like normal profile pages.

Here is my own Google+ Profile … and here is the My Google+ Page… not much difference.

The history of Google+ is that when it first launched it asked businesses not to create a profile for their business, promising something amazing in a few months. Some followed the request, others well created a profile anyway. This is now about 5 months on and Google+ is a big social success, especially when you compare it to buzz or wave which they touted previously. Though lets be honest something like 75% of sign ups are geeks and so there is still a long way to go. Anyway with being told to wait we wanted
something fantastic to appear.

But as I’ve said this is nothing but a damp squib and a no score for Google+. I am a fan of Google+ and what it is doing but this I am afraid let the side down, I know there will be further iterations and that businesses were getting itchy feet. I just don’t see why though that they rolled this out now, another month to integrate it further with Google Business Places and possibly extending the API so blogs and post in full or summary to the site not just a snippet… Google+ has missed a trick and it may take some time for business to pick up at this rate.

Another change which I spotted over on TechDrink (where I contribute from time to time, including this post on Google Android 4.0) was about the searches you can perform.

Perhaps the biggest change Google have made is that when you do a search on Google with a ‘+’ – “+TechDrink” for example – you will be asked if you want to add that page (if it exists) to your Circles. Say yes, and that will be your default from now on for all searches starting with a ‘+’. This explains why Google recently deprecated using the ‘+’ in searches for exact match results.
Google Introduces Brand Pages – Tech Drink 

If you want to create your own Google+ Brand Page you can do so here.

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