In Short: Great SEO / Marketing Blogs to Read

It isn’t very often a marketer will send away his readership to other websites in the same niche. But I like to break the mold, some of the time – ok shush a lot of the time! Anyway here are my 5 favourite SEO Blogs, I hope you enjoy them and get something constructive from them – I know I do.
5 – SEOMoz Blog 

Ok, SEOMOZ is a fairly large SEO company, they do a heck of a lot of research and offer some great seo tools for small seo businesses such as mine (try them now for free). The blog however is free (of course) and offers more advice and hints than that baby can shake a rattle at!

4 – Google Webmaster Blog

Ok, so look I couldn’t let this one slip by, it almost did but it really does come up with a lot of great stuff for all website designers, developers and owners. enjoy!

3 – Graywolfs SEO Blog

Ran my the awesome Micheal Gray this is a blog site that talks about seo techniques, tips and strategy.

2 – Boagworld

Of course, I can’t skip a list of my favourite blogs without including the world that is boag. It’s got a great podcast, a great forum and awesome blog content.

1 – This Blog

ahem I have a passion for seo and love my readers, so this blog is my number one tip for reading! ok maybe not!

1 – SEOOptimise

The clever people at SEOOptimise are simply great, the blog is well written informative and generally amongst the best in the world. Take a read.

So there is my list, whos on your list? leave a comment!

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