An Open Letter: 2 Years Old

An open letter to the readers of the world
Dear All,

This letter is in celebration of the second birthday of this home of articles for seoandy.

Over the past two years SEOAndy has published some 150 posts, an amazing achievement I think you will agree. We’ve got many readers across the globe who read the posts in various formats and languages (so Thank You to every single person and robot reading this). With readership so high our celebration is going to sound odd but I hope you understand my reasoning.

To celebrate the second birthday of this website and writing articles,
SEOAndy will be taking a few months off.

Why I hear you ask… well quite simply it’s time to have a break, I need to regain some space in my life for my friends and family. Over the past two years they have all been so supportive of everything I have done, so a huge huge Thank You to you guys and girls.

What Next ? SEOAndy will return in the new year, but until then we’ve teamed up with some amazing blogs to bring you the best bits of their blogs. In the next month or so you will see some slight design changes to the site such that this can happen effectively.

Just before I sign off I want to name and thank a few people personally; my family (all of you), Leanne (proof reader), Ashley (for keeping my brain active), my clients (all of you past and present), Audible (amazing sponsors) and Sarah (for many many reasons). Thank You.

So, I will see you all back here in the new year 🙂
Keep your eyes peeled for one or two guest posts SEOAndy will be publishing in the next week or two also.


PS. Thanks also to everyone who has tweeted, facebooked, dugg, reposted or even scraped a post without permission. You’re all part of the story of SEOAndy.

Oh And … Don’t forget about Andy’s Ramblings 🙂 That will go on

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