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On behalf of my friend I would like to ask that you take time (if you have a UK address) to sign this petition to Number 10 (the PM) … all signature make a difference and will be greatly appreciated.

Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia is a form of blood cancer. The current treatment is Imatinib (IM). Approx. 40% of individuals may display resistance to IM.

Dasatinib (DS) & Nilotinib (NL) are licensed for the treatment of adults with chronic & accelerated phase CML with resistance or intolerance to IM. DS is also effective for Blast Crisis CML. Both received approval by the FDA & EMEA.

NICE do not accept the evidence supplied in the initial report, as they consider open label, non blinded trial designs seriously flawed.

Cost of supply is the issue.

We are urging NICE to reassess their decision NOT TO fund the use of these EFFECTIVE treatments on the basis of cost – without the need for 4 arm (DS, NL, high dose IM) double blind randomised studies including a control group receiving ‘best supportive care’ – allowing none of them to crossover and no dose escalations according to how they respond.

The NICE assumed average age for CML is 60.

Would you accept such a trial would be morally/ethically correct if it was aimed at young children with CML? What if your National Insurance scheme now doesn’t treat you with the best drugs because the cost is considered too high?

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  1. Any of us affected by this conditon would want the right to receive the appropriete treatment.Many people will be affected if this drug is withdrawn.

  2. Please don’t take away the right to life, simply because you can. What would you do if someone you loved or even yourself needed this medication?

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