Top 5 SEO Books of 2009

During the course of the year I’ve read more books than I have in the past 5 I think. And what makes this appear even sadder is that most of them have been about search engine optimisation and marketing! … ok, not so sad when you realise it’s my job and if I’m not reading a book then I am reading articles online or just looking for business trends to help myself and my clients stay ahead of the game.
Anyway since this year has been a bumper year for my reading offline I want to share my Top 5 SEO books with you.
These are all amazon links as I suggest you buy a few and Amazon is a little cheaper than other places!

The Art of SEO (O’Reilly) – This book has become one of my bible references over the past year, it has everything for beginners to advanced SEO’s … each time I pick it up something new clicks in place – something I doubt my fellow SEO engineers will admit. Written by Eric Enge of Stone Temple Consulting, well known on the circuit as he seems to appear at ever web conference there is. At just over twenty pounds this SEO bible is a must have. (£20.41)

The Truth About Search Engine Optimisation (QUE) – Rebecca Lieb is known (as with myself) for cutting through the bull, in this book she brings together over 50 great SEO tips, explaining each chapter by chapter. This book is a must have for SEO’s and even more so if you want to try SEO yourself. At a snip under a tenner this will never be money wasted.(£8.53)

SEO Warrior (O’Reilly) – With just over 450 pages you’d be forgiven for thinking will you ever get to the end of the book, well the answer is you will… and when you do you will be smiling as the money starts rolling in. This isn’t a get rich quick book though, this is a book taking you through the nuts and bolts of SEO from what you can do in the design stage to on going deployment experiments … this book has it all. Priced at just over £20 trust me when I say it’s brilliant.

Be No#1 on Google (McGraw-Hill) – This was a book I picked up by mistake when I was buying SEO Warrior (above) and it’s not a book i’d normally pick up … given it promises so much i’d expect it to be a nothing book as a lot like this are. However the author (Jon Smith) gets it just right, balancing facts with tips and tricks there is a little beating around this bush but thats ok because this book is aimed at beginners. At under £10 this is a must have for all newbies to the online marketing world.

Small Business Owner’s Handbook to SEO (Atlantic) – This book has one of the longest title’s I’ve ever seen … when you look at the cover its ok but Amazon screwed that title up (take a look, i cut it down!). This is a book of 15 essential seo methods to build you search rankings, pretty much a start-block book for anyone with a new baby website. At under £15 you’ve nothing to loose taking a look at this book.

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