2010 is coming … New Years Resolutions

So with 2009 drawing to a close I am taking time to look back over the year and how my life and career have progressed. Looking back is a pretty daunting task for me as so much has happened this year, from gaining a brilliant bunch of new clients and friends (when i moved) to growing up and doing my own tax return earlier in the year. This year has been so busy for me, yet it seems like only a few days ago I was on a ramble in a manchester pub to a few friends about 2008! … Well this year they have been saved from my ramblings, but you my friend have not!
However, you are being thanked for reading this, simply because I am going to keep much of my personal life out of this and focus on one key thing that has happened this year and that I MUST continue in a much bigger way next year.

A few weeks ago I wrote about design concepts, breaking the rules of conventions and how doing so can help or hinder your website/ clients website. During the months before this I feel I had become like most other designers… doing what they do… being stuck in a trend and style … that ok, was particular to myself … however it meant my designs became boring and rather predicatable.

Then came my first chance to break conventions of life, my site was hacked and although I managed to salvage my work (or at least most it). My first job was moving them out of the line of fire, over to SEOAndy and that was meant to be a case of copying my old files over to create a similar experience. However, I went against the grain spent 2 weeks developing a new wordpress theme (now available for download) breaking rules and conventions, there we’re no images but plenty of text, as little code as possible meant more content… it was an experiement for my SEO which has paid divdends.

Next I designed myself a new site, again wanting to not have an average site I designed myself a poster of what I thought I’d say to advertise myself… it was a complex message that I cut down to its bones leaving me with a simple effective statement about who I am and what I do. Looking at the site you would be forgiven (as many are) for thinking that the site only has a single page, but click the text or find the navigation at the bottom of the site and you will find an interactive haven which is growing week on week. Look out for next weeks change. 🙂

Then came what I believe is the first actual site I am proud of … Spirit Beauty Salon (Haddington) – I broke a lot of conventions as I stated in the previous post about daring to defy conventions. So I wont go on about it, but from a technical view point and from a design standing I believe that Spirit Beaty is the best website I’ve designed, once again thanks to Kirsty Burgoine for helping with development of the working engine behind the site – another innovative project for AK Designs and KBG designs.

From my weee ramblings I’m guessing you know what my resolution for the new year will be…

To break conventions when I need/want to – and – To do more work I am proud of.

I feel I should now explain why I’ve never really been proud of my websites, there has always been something that hasn’t sat right… looked right or felt right. Maybe it’s as simple as most of the projects have not been with me from conception to fruition and beyond… they are normally with me for design or development or deployment and not much else. But Spirit Beauty
E-commerce / CMS has been something of a huge project for me, and seeing it from birth to becoming a huge success has made me very very happy and awfully proud… pretty much a proud parent.

Other Personal Things I Resolve To Do:

    Continue to grow and develop my design and seo skills.

    Continue to enjoy life for all its worth and a little bit more.

    Continue to do what I enjoy doing most in life – designing

    Continue to write about SEO and help as many people as I can.

    Continue running to keep fit – and – run for charity again.

    Forget anything bad and forgive my past … I hold no grudges.

    and more but hey sometimes I like secrets.