30 days without Google

From 0001 (02/12/2009) Iwill ceased “using” Google.
I use the term “using” as I will be living by a set of rules that allows Google into my life a tiny bit… these rules are below. But first I want to explain why I will be spending 30 days without Google.

After spending day in day out reliant on Google for what appears to have been most of my life (partly due to my career choice I know). So I made a drunk agreement a few weeks ago to give this a go… there is no way out of it between now and 2nd January 2009, just a set of rules I will adhere too.

I also implore you to also attempt to give up Google and stick to the rules below.

The Rules

Use of any Google based search is forbidden (including CSE search)

Use of GMail (web) is forbidden. – emails will be forwarded

Use of Google Chrome Browser is forbidden. – IE or Safari or Firefox

Use of Google Chrome OS (with exception of Android) is forbidden. – I only have one mobile

Use of Google Analytics is forbidden. – server stats

Use of Google Webmaster Tools is forbidden.

Use of Google Wave is forbidden.

Use of Google Reader is forbidden.

Use of Google Maps is forbidden.

Use of Google’s YouTube is forbidden.

Use of Google Desktop Search is forbidden.

Clients will remain looked after as I have other tools for rank checking etc.

I will update the world on my progress at least once a week.

This is going to be fun fun fun (not) …

[To Extend Rules: I will be using my G1 phone, I will not be using the web browser, built-in mail clients or any applications within. I will only use the mobile for its purpose of calling and texting. ]

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