G1 Custom ROM (little Doughy)

Ok firstly I apologise in the break in service here, but I feel like as a Geek with a G1 (Google Phone / T-mobile G1 / HTC Magic) and as an early adopter of said phone that I need to share my rather excited manner surrounding it. Today I installed a Custom ROM onto the system … it makes it faster… more tactile and it has added features (which I will talk about in a moment).
Now I wont go into all the details of how to do that … its fairly simple so just head over to SmarterWare.org and take a look at Gina’s little walk through. What I do want to do is spend a few moments explaining a few of the pitfalls and failwhales that can / did occur.

Firstly the size of the ROM is an issue in my non 3G area (I moved here!) however this was salvaged by using someone’s internet when they wern’t looking. 😉 – ok not really an issue

Next is the issue that it took a few downloads as the download was corrupted according to the phone – but you wont know this until your almost finished (just as you go to install it says its corrupt…bummer … you have to restore your backup in nandroid – be careful not to do what i did on another handset and backup a corrupted system…. its quite hard to get back from – if this happens contact me I will help you 🙂 – again this isn’t a regular occurrence it appears which is nice

Thirdly you really must be very careful and backup all of your data from your SD card – I forgot and have lost A LOT of images.

Fourthly you loose all your apps (even paid ones) this sucks a little bit more than most things.

Next with the update in this tutorial I have an issue with WorkMail …. it doesn’t authenticate properly and is being silly.

Next up is an issue that I came across during my second attempt (of 3) basically during the reboot sequence it began looping …. I left it 20mins hoping but it continued… only way out was to remove the battery and restore to try again.

After you successfully install it, it installs its nice new logo … it will stick there for a few mins and then may black screen for a few mins – don’t worry it will load… if it doesn’t remove the battery and try again … after a second attempt restore – something has gone wrong in the update sequence restore and start again.

Next and not a huge issue really as its still an improvement on the previous is the camera blur… its still there but there are handy doughnut bits in here.

Finally and this is something still of concern to me … I presume due to the over clocking and then system being at its limits this occurs … the handset can get really quite warm… I am not sure over time what will happen but I will keep you posted as I fear over time it may kill the phone through failure.

Anyway in the next post normal service will be resumed – see you soon geeks / and lets face it you read all the above so you must be a geek at heart 😉

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