Service Upgrade

[update 2011 Feb – we’ve moved again, its not been without its problems but we are much happier in our new home] As was previously discussed, AK Designs is growing up & developing.

As part of this & due to various recent issues with our current server hosting supplier we will be moving to a new server & host.

We are moving from EasySpace to UKHost4u.

As part of our move we will be able to offer various hosting packages to everyone, and will continue our FREE hosting to our clients.

Unfortunately such a move means inevitable downtime. We know thats not what many people will want to hear or even think about but don’t worry too much. We will be moving over site by site, and we will be very careful to makesure nothing is lost or corrupted in transit. During transition and removal from our current hosts your e-mails will be unaffected (& clients will recieve an email explaining how to get to your email system without your site being online). Website moves will take place when your site is shown to be least busy.

As we are sure you can appreciate this is going to take a week or two’s full planning & research, during this time the “home” websites (, etc) may have no service. This is so we can practice the server move without the need to close client websites for more than the necessary time.

We apologise for todays outages on some client websites, we are working our hardest to ensure the last few remaining client sites are back online as soon as is possible.

[UPDATE 30/08/09 – Our New Servers are safely working and currently being tested over several domains. We are (starting tomorrow) to start slowly moving over client domains to the new server. Larger domains will be moved later this week (all domain owners will be notified when they will be moved. ]

If you have any questions please contact us.

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