Breaking Android NEWS!!!

Ok, now i know right here is meant to be some amazing post about PPC and other off-site factors of SEO but I felt the urge as soon as the proof landed on my lap to show you this!

Now forgive me won’t you for not releasing this before, I first heard rumours some months ago, then Android OS was outed… and then today I heard from a source about some further proof… so I have to share.

Scheduled for release later this year, the Android Home Hub is coming. With articles on discussing possibilites of android cars and how android will eventually invade out homes…. amongst other exciting phandroid concepts… I’m happy to announce here it is.

Now I have my issues with the concept of this product as many will but I am assured from an inside source that this is happening… So i am quite excited by this news.

From what I’ve been able to gather from my source the Android Home Hub will interact with:




    Heating / Air Con

    TV / DVD players / VCR players (sceptical of the later)

    Sound Systems

    Other entertainment systems such as SKY boxes

    Phone Systems (creating full VOIP system implementation around the globe)


The manufacturer (Touch Revolution) are pretty much unheard of around the globe, just as HTC were unless you were a geek.
“The types of touch interfaces that started with mobile phones will become the standard for electronics devices of all sorts – in the home, at the office, in the car – virtually anywhere people directly interact with technology. These devices will have a variety of capabilities, features, and form factors – WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, accelerometers, haptic feedback, small screens, large screens, integrated, stand-alone, portable, … the list goes on.”
We went on to make our own list of possible household, automotive and other appliances/gadgets/tech where Android could be used and it looks like it will actually get done! The Forbes article claims all devices have touch-screens ranging in size from 4.3 to 10 inches and come with charging cradles.
So when and where can we expect these products?
Expect to see most of the products before the end of the year, in the U.S. and elsewhere. Brown says Touch Revolution is working with “companies with major brands” on upcoming launches. Touch Revolution provides the touch screens and Android features, encapsulated in a module. Its partners then customize the hardware and software, if they choose, and bring the product to market.”

I can’t begin to explain how happy I am to see this product hitting manufacturing with hints that T-Mobile have exclusive rights again (at least in the USA and UK) I am fast getting excited.

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