IE6 – Here To Stay

Now, if your reading this you are obviously a designer or developer of websites… sorry guys but I maybe about to upset you… but deal with it because all of the below is true!
Internet Explorer 6 will NEVER die… its like that derelict building we all knew when we were a child. We all visited it to see how scary it was… some where scary some really were just an empty room and didn’t scare anyone. But my point is that they must have all stood there for many many years to become the state they were in (and probably still are). A few were eventually re-invented but IE6 will enver be… mainly because it already has been re-established with IE7 … which didn’t really do the job either.

Now, IE6 may never ever behave correctly, it will never run Javascript correctley or load CSS and images in the correct manner… without being very hacky in the coding of the site. However, IE 6 is here to stay! I am sorry but there is no hiding this… Corporations (and smaller companies) will remain using IE6 for a fantastic number of years yet… even though numbers may end up less than 5% in the next few years … I will still be testing in IE6 as should you… we all test (and I use) Google Chrome which is still less than 5% market share… so Test in IE6!

Other than the above why do I believe IE will not disappear?

    Our own business clients still use IE6 on most computers – its only the IT department and Managing Directors (with nice new laptops) that don’t.

    IE7 has been around a while and the stats show most people upgrading do so without really knowing… Upgrades are “high priortit” but not forced … I admit updates to IE7 do exist in SP3 for XP

    IE6 may give ugly results, but surely we have become to decorative and have skipped the functions – these work just fine in IE6.

    IE6 should be tested in always, and used as the final stopping point for website degredation (design for the latest and best but supply for the rest).

Still using IE6 … don’t worry… you maybe safe for now. You can still surf without too much fear. You can still see everything updated browsers do…sure it maybe a little misaligned and you may not get all of our shiny (ajax) stuff, so really don’t worry.

I will still be supporting IE6 for sometime.

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