Google Hit GoCompare Hard!

Yesterday it emerged that UK giant GoCompare, have been banished from the top rankings of Google! With the belief that other search engines will follow suit. GoCompare is a price comparision website, with it main business being from Car Insurance. 
What most people who have comment on this so far (which isn’t many) have failed to note is that GoCompare has previously had a penalty from Google just last year. 

There isn’t one result in the top 50 (of any search we’ve tried) that shows the official GoCompare website. Even Searching “GoCompare” you would have to scroll to 51st result! Also “Car Insurance” is ranked on the 6th page.

Last year GoComapre and KwikFit were both penalised (in march). They were told off for getting paid links and reviews. At the time the Google Vice President Commented: “Kwik Fit had been up on the second page on Google for the term ‘car insurance’ and occasionally on the first page and has achieved this by using Payperpost [a paid blogging service] on a large scale.” 

Last year GoCompare reported its drop in rankings from number 1 caused a 87% decrease in Google Traffic. So from this I would have thought they would learn a lesson, and not want to get hurt again. However some evidence has come to light (though I’d summise this is only speculation) which further leads me to the belief this is a harsh penalty, yet again. 

Some Advice

Link buying, buying reviews and generally being naughty with immoral links is AGAINST Google TOS, and most other search engines … if not ALL.

I have noted one further event. Yesterday, when we first found out about GoCompares little trip to the sixth page (after a few hours being fully banned) everything related was also stopped. This included AdWords. However, having just checked… AdWords are back… search rank remains penalised.

So then my question is when (if ever) will Google allow GoCompare back up the rankings?  Also will google prevent GoCompare ever getting to the top of the rankings again?

4 Comments on “Google Hit GoCompare Hard!”

  1. Oooo nice article – poor GoCompare I guess ComparetheMeerkats will be getting more traffic than them now! 😉

  2. Hi Andy,
    Nice post. Looks like they are back for their brand name this morning. How were they doing for their keywords before? They showing up on page 2 in the U.S. for ‘cheap car insurance quotes’.

  3. It appears they have been reinstated, they now appear again number one on a direct search term “go compare”.
    They were doing quite well for short search terms like “car insurance” and “insurance quotes” … it does appear that they aren’t doing amazingly for these any more pages 2 or 3.

  4. What most people who have comment on this so far (which isn’t many) have failed to note is that Go Compare has previously had a penalty from Google just last year. This included Ad Words. However, having just checked… Ad Words are back… search rank remains penalized.Awesome. just awesome…i haven’t any word to appreciate this post…..Really i am impressed from this post….the person who create this post he is a great human..thanks for shared this with us.i found this informative and interesting blog so i think so its very useful and knowledge able.

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