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As many of you will know I am a huge huge supporter of the Christie and the work it does! And so it will come as no shock that I’ve followed carefully the story of the christie loosing £6.5million to the icelandic banking collapse. So this week on learning that the Christie is unlikely to get this money back I’ve joined the petition to help them get at least some compensation from Number 10. so…  

Please sign up for the
Cash bank for Christie campaign

You can sign the Manchester Evening News petition online – or complete this form.

See what the Chief Exec of THE CHRISTIE is saying on this subject.

This post is to replace this weeks article which will appear next week, Please feel free to pass this post on if you are recieving it via e-mail. If you are reading it online feel free to tweet it, facebook it or just put a link on your site! 
Many Thanks. Andy

3 Comments on “The Christie”

  1. The Charity invested 6.5 million in an Icelandic bank, Charities shouldnt be investing money but putting into scientific research! If anyone should give them compensation, why should in be Downing Street? i really dont understand. Do the government need this on top of the growing trouble they are facing at the moment? If they jelp one charity out the rest will all follow suit! I’m not saying Christie’s aren’t an amazing charity because they really are but i dont see why Downing street should help them out!

  2. @Joe,I have e-mailed you a more detailed reply than I would want to put here.

    If anyone else has comments such as Joe’s;
    All The Christie approved development plans remain in place. No jobs are affected by this news, nor does it have any impact on services. It does however put under threat future research developments and new buildings.

  3. it’s such a shame on the current crisis at christies. it’s not their fault they were advised on a RELIABLE investment opportunity and now its gone wrong because of the recession. there are now 100,000s lives at risk surely GB can see that is more valuable than anything else and re-invest in christies.

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