A Year in Review

Last year saw what must be considered the real launch of AK Designs (andykinsey.com). For many years I had fiddled with the likes of flash websites, wholey graphical websites, but then last year I made a change. I decided that rather than jump into a hole and dig it by doing everything myself I would take on a CMS engine, or two …now three. These engines mean I can now run websites with minimal effort, I can let the “site manager” actually manage! Before they would email be changes, normally in such a manner I couldn’t understand fully, but this means they can use a word processor type input and actually manage the site. One such website is Brettargh Holt. This includes blogs, e-commerce stores, and more.
Also 2008 saw me tackle something of great importance. I took on the challenge of Search Engine Optimisation, which this site is based on (so take a snoop around for more SEO info). Through the likes of Social Networking, Social Media and general Search Engine Optimising, I can bring almost any site from being a dead traffic zone to being amongst the alexa ranking sites (generally considered to be the top 1% of website rankings), improve a websites pagerank (googles ranking method) and much more (trade secrets hush 😉 ). I also now offer adwords packages as well as a range of general SEO/SEM packages.

Newsletters (otherwise known as E-Mail Shots) have also become a large part of the AK Designs business, in december alone reaching 50K openings! (and we are approaching 150K since the opening of this site and our e-newsletter service). We offer services to any company from the little market trader to the largest companies (including government agencies!).

So what for 2009? 
Well to be honest, the future is bright, AK Designs is in such a place it can take off quite soon. We can no longer be considered a small nominal entity, rather a medium sized specialist company. We have much to offer, and with many innovations coming soon, AK Designs can offer both its current and its perspective clients more than ever before.

Finally I would like to give special thanks to:
Leanne – Imran M. – Aaron I. – Mike Phillips – Derek Harvie – Sr Val – UniqueBlogger – Tim (TSLUK) – Paul Boag – Shaun Barnes – Leo Laporte
and many many more!

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