15 Days Til New Year!!!!

With just 15 days left until the New Year I thought I would give you yet another list!!! This time not quite so harsh to follow. Doing just one of these a day (maybe two or three if you want a day off) is the simple way to improve your search rank.

Create meaningful title tags for each page

Make use of the description meta tag

Make use of the keywords meta tag

Try to implement SEO URL’s

Improve your navigation (make your site easy to follow)

Use keywords for both internal and external linking

Improve use of header tags

Use Alt tags for images

Can you shave bytes from your images? if so do it

Use your robots.txt file effectively

Beware of using rel=”nofollow” links

Use social networks effectively

Use effective call to actions

Create good copy

Promote your site where possible – but be responsible

The keen eyed amongst you will have noticed I have previously covered all of these topics at www.andykinsey.com in the past few months. 

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