Christmas Giveaway

Want to get 3 months of SEO work on your website for FREE?Want to get your website to the top of the search engine rankings?
Want to drive more traffic to your site, and so get more business?

If you have answered YES to any of the above then this is the competition for you!

There are several ways of entering the competition.

<h4>Leave A Comment Below (<em>use a real e-mail and website, else i can't track you!</em>)</h4>
<h4>Apply for a Quote (<em>using the Get a Quote page)</em></h4>
<h4>Submit this article to <a href=";title=Christmas%20Giveaway" target="_blank">StumbleUpon</a> or <a href=";;title=Christmas%20Giveaway" target="_blank">DiggIt</a> (<em>you can click one of those links below or the text, on stumble you must leave a review!</em>)</h4>
<h4>Mention this post in your blog and link to it (<em>let me know if you have incase i don't pick it up</em>)</h4>
<h4>Add this blog to your Technorati fravourites (<em>link to the right or below</em>) </h4>
<h4><a href="" target="_blank">Link me from your Twitter account </a>(<em>let me know again</em>)</h4>

In addition to the First prize of a FREE 3 month SEO contract, AK Designs is offering a Second prize of a 1 month contract also Four entrants will gain permanent links from this site.

You can enter as many times as you want!!!

All winners are chosen at random, from the database of entrants. This competition ends 10th Januray 2009 (2359), Winners will be announced and made aware by 12th January 2009 (1200). If you have any questions please contact me through the contact page of this site.
[edit 22:17 10/12/08 ak – 5 entries per ip via comments, tweets must include @andykinsey or be screen-printed and sent to ]

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