Questions and Answers of SEO

This blog has been written to hopefully help everyone who reads my blogs. Below I answer a number of FAQ’s, these are sent to me on a regular basis (normally hourly!) so I thought I would help us all a little and answer these SEO FAQ’s here and now

Q. Do I really need Search Engine Optimisation?

A. In short, yes and no. Ok, so there is no real answer, SEO is something of a hit and miss for most people, there are certain things that will help a lot, certain things that will hurt more. However, for the most part most SEO is a natural occurrance -when you write content it should flow naturally and it will naturally theme itself and this will aid your SEO, do NOT try and keyword stuff or record keyword density.

Q. What are “robots”, “spiders” and “crawlers”?

A. These are little programmes used by search engines to look at the content of your site, these are the indexing tools of SE’s. The best way to think of these is as blind users they can’t see your styling, images or anything like this, they just see your content, and some of that is sketchy!!! My advice is not to write for these programmes but rather write for your end users.

Q. Are Meta Tags important?

A. Although I understand the view of many SEO companies and individuals, my answer is still yes. Well in the main part anyway. Some tags are more important than others, but not always for SEO reasons.
Athough not strictly a meta tag, the Title Tag is one of the biggest SEO tools you will find anywhere on or off site. It should have keywords near the front not your company branding unless it is a specific page about your company!
Keywords / Phrases – no more than 10 is my general advice, and they should differ for different pages according to relevance on the page.
Description – now this is the tricky one. the description has nothing to do with SEO, you’re not ranked from it nor does it count really towards your SEO worth. However it is what most search engines show along with your page title on the search results pages, getting this right can mean a visitor and/or conversion but get it wrong and people will just ignore your site.

Q. From Launch how long till we are indexed?

A. While there is no definitive answer, it is generally accepted that within 2-12 weeks you will be indexed to some extent. However there are ways of speeding this up, and they aren’t black hat!!! …I know I said this was to save time and effort but you will need to email me to find out what this trick is, it also works for getting your site re-indexed 😀 admin*at* or leave a comment below.

Q. Do AK Designs offer any guarantee on SEO work?

A. Whilst we do not offer a guarantee*, we do offer money back if we do not meet the specification we set out in our contracts with our clients. This means that if at the end of a contract or during any “milestone” during a contract we are not on target you will get a proportion of your money back, just to say sorry. We offer this because we know we can achieve what we set out in our contracts and more often than not exceed anything we and our clients originally expect.

If you have any questions please leave them as comments below and I will answer them.