The Easy Way To Double Your Pinterest Followers – 5 Mins A Day

25 Million users… 47% of US online shoppers have made purchases based on what they’ve seen on Pinterest. The figures are exciting and with Pinterest predicting at least 20% growth in the coming year, is this really something to miss out on for your online store?
Below is an awesome infographic that will help you make the most of your existence on Pinterest and then show you how you can, in just 5 minutes a day, double your follower numbers and hugely increase engagement of your pins.

Pinterest today has moved beyond the idea of “having a scrap book” for things that look really cool online, today its a virtual shopping mall for many and for those of who spend a lot of time on there its inspirational to see just what the world has to offer that you can’t always find on the high street or on shops like Amazon. Pinterst is no longer the ‘underdog’ of online marketing it is truly a power house that many companies can and do tap into. It’s time to get your typing fingers out and just do it.

Pinterest Followers2

Source – Who is Hosting This?

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