Social Media – Men vs. Women

There are many phrases and adages that talk about differences between men and women, but what about social media adages… are men from Facebook and women from Twitter?
OK, joking aside no one social network has 100% userbase of men or women, but what are the trends – listening to blogs and podcasts you may think that Pinterest is mainly used by women and that Facebook by men, but is that true?

Below is a cool infographic which helps answer this question.

battle of the social sex

infographic by

2 Comments on “Social Media – Men vs. Women”

  1. Andy! Love this article! Whenever we meet new clients, we attempt to figure out a few tidbits before creating a marketing plan.. whether its men/women in the decision making roll, their synapse activityh: right brain/left brain, do they respond to visual stimuli or the bottom line ROI: creative/analytic? Helps my team deliver the right proposals and work collaboratively with the client. Your use of both in this article is definitely going to be shared with my team and my clients. Thanks for an interesting read!

  2. Useful information, I’m actually surprised that YouTube is in the male corner. I watch about 2-10 videos per day. At least 2 each day. I find many videos inspirational and a better way to understand some topics. Do you think us women like to be a little annoyed ? I wonder that, now that I saw the statistics on Facebook. Great post!

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