Become a Social Media Rockstar in Just 30 Minutes

… a day!
Over the past few years a new industry has been born, began to mature and is a huge growth area for many other business industries – It’s called social media.

There are now so many social networks that it is hard to recall even 70% of them off the top of your head. But there is good news, there are still the Big 5: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn. And for most businesses these are the only ones that matter, and so that is what you should be focusing on.

If you wonder why I say focus on all of them, consider this: between them the Big 5 have a reach which is about that of the entire population of the world who has access to the internet and is likely to buy or use your services and products. There, today, is no such argument as “it’s not my audience” – at least one of the Big 5 will be relevant to you. So…

Be a Social Media Rock Star

Twitter: 10 Minutes

1) Set up automation of tweets using a service like Twuffer (it’s free) for the rest of your day or week.

2) Reply and Respond to those who have tweeted you.

3) Spend a few moments sharing articles from elsewhere in your industry.

Facebook: 7 Minutes

1) Respond to posts on your page, and articles / comment on others pages.

2) Share and Promote your own and others content.

LinkedIn: 6 Minutes

1) Promote your “professional” content.

2) Participate in group discussions, Q&A’s and comment threads.

3) Share others updates and posts.

Google+ : 4 Minutes

1) Join in discussions / comment threads adding something of value.

2) Write expanded content – Google+ is designed for larger posts.

3) Join communities and pages.

4) Always post your content here first.

Pinterest: 3 Minutes

1) Pin all your latest content, which has a great image.

2) Re-pin others, both in and out of your industry.

3) Engage with any comments your pins have.

So there you have it, 30 minutes work and you too can be a social media rock star.

Do you have any more tips to becoming a social media god?

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