How You Can Use Facebook and Twitter To Host A Better Event

Social media can be an invaluable tool in helping you to host a really spectacular event. There are numerous ways that you can use the various social media outlets to not only to let people know about your event, but also to keep them updated about the event. There are other major bonuses to using social media as well, all of which we are going to take a look at today.

Using Facebook

Using Facebook, you would create an event and make sure to mark it as a public event if you want to bring in additional people. Invite all of your prospective customers, fans, as well as friends or family. Everyone who accepts the invite to your event will be able to invite their own friends, and sometimes an event can end up with as many as a couple thousand of invited guests. Make sure you keep your potential guests updated as time goes on, and post a small reminder on the day before and day of the event you are hosting. This not only reminds people, but keeps them engaged and excited to attend. They will be notified each time you post, so there is no other work that must be done on your own behalf.

Using Twitter

Set up a hash tag for your specific event, and make sure it’s something both unique and easy to remember. For example, if you are about to post a gig for a local music group called Outlet, you could  use any of the following hash tags for your event: #OutletRocks, #OutletGig, #OutletsRockGig, or anything along those lines. Spread the word through that hash tag and allow others to post their own input and get their friends involved. People need only click on the hash tag in order to be directed to the main stream for your event.

Other Ways To Use Social Media To Make An Event Successful: Tips & Tricks

So now that you’ve set up your basic event details on both Facebook and Twitter, what can you do now in order to ensure your event will be a success? Here are a few useful ideas:

  • > Create contests that will be held at your event and promote them on both sites. This will give potential attendees even more reason to go to your event, and might be the deciding factor in people who weren’t yet sure they would, could, or wanted to go.
  • > Take pictures as you set up the venue and post them on both accounts so that people can see how amazing the set up is going to be and how much hard work is being put in on their behalf.
  • > Encourage people to post their own pictures and statuses when they attend the event
  • > Make sure you set up an official website about your event where people can go to access all of the necessary information in one easy to access place. Even just a one-page website is beneficial. Make sure to add the venue location with full address, date, time,cover charge if applicable, any restrictions or rules, and anything else that your potential attendees may need to know ahead of time.
  • > If possible, use live streaming video once the event has begun so that people see what an awesome event it is and how much fun everyone else is having. This may prompt some people to make a last minute stop at your event in order to join in on all of the fun they’ve been seeing on your live streaming video.

After The Event- How To Ensure Your Next Event Will Be An Even Bigger Success

Chances are high that you will be holding another event at some point in the future. For this reason, you don’t want to slack once the event has finished, but rather, use the following day or two to get a head start on your future promotions. Here are some tips on how to ensure your next event will be even bigger than the one you just had:

  • > Make sure to send out a thank you on Facebook and Twitter to the people who attended your event. Just a simple thank you post is sufficient.
  • > Post plenty of photos and videos. This will let people who attended remember how much fun they had, and those who didn’t go all of the fun they missed.
  • > If you already have another event date set, make sure to mention it once or twice in the days following the one you just had. A post something like, “If you enjoyed our last event, make sure to check out our next event…” with the date, time, and venue inserted, of course.

Keeping all of these things in mind and putting our tips to good use can help you to host an event bigger and better than any you have hosted before incorporating social media into the grand scheme of things. If you have any other tips or tricks on using social media to host a better event, let us know about it in the comments below! We always appreciate your valuable input, and look forward to hearing what you may have to add.

Author Bio: Arlene Brill loves all things Internet Marketing. She is currently working with SociaLink Media, a leading social media campaigns consulting company based in Minneapolis and Chicago. When she is not working, she is often found reading motivational books and hiking with her dog.

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