Twitter Whores

With so many Celebs finding a home on twitter (including @stephenfry @schofe @jasonbradbury @lancearmstrong @wossy and many others) I ask are these celebs becoming Twitter Whores? Twitter Whore – A Twitter whore is a tweet (one who tweets) whom accumulates many thousands of followers in a short time, shows addiction through tweeting even when at work, and promotes their twitter (@name) at any time possible….

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Creating the Perfect Web Page Title

It a well known fact to SEOs and content writers that link text (for internal links), otherwise known as the anchor text, is heavily used by Search Engines for ranking. The reason for this is that content writers know that to attract visitors to another page the anchor text must be meaningful. However, this anchor text cannot be used for the search results however, and…

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The Perfect SEO Navigation

In the world of Search Engine Optimisation you are likely to find the most commonly believed tip to getting top search ranks for websites is Keyword Density. However, getting this correct is important, but in your haste you may neglect a few things, one of which is your navigation. Ok, so design can draw a number of visitors, but not many… and more likely than…

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Winners of the 2008 Christmas Giveaway

AK Designs Recently ran a christmas giveaway offering various prizes including FREE SEO contracts!!! Congratulations to the winner: First Prize Winner (3 free months SEO) -VoteTheDay   Second Prize (1 free months SEO) – Dollar Dude  And the winners of the 4 permenant links are: TagZeo JustH CallenderCreates ITriggers   Watch out for this weeks article: The Top 10 Things to Destory your SEO!!!