Excellent WordPress Plugins for SEO – What All Bloggers Should Leverage

WordPress is one of the most reliable and popular blogging platforms and CMS (Content Management System) available. Everyday, bloggers blog about diverse or niche topics and try their best to reach out to the target audience/general masses. One of the key features of blogging that popularize a blog is quality content. But with the demanding needs of SEO, you need much more than just quality content to make an impact.
Bloggers are quickly resorting to the exhaustive plugin directory of wordpress to provide a unique experience to their followers. The wordpress directory has a lot of trending plugins that incorporate different features to cater to your needs. However choosing the right plugin is crucial to the performance of your blog. Here are a few of the most popular plugins that can give your SEO rankings a boost.


Boxify is a plugin that helps you draw the attention of your readers to the important aspects of your content. This helps reduce your bounce rate as the readers tend to stay longer on your pages. Boxify gives you the freedom to arrange and organize your content effectively. These boxes consist of simple shortcode, which allows you to modify any parameter you wish.

All-in-One SEO Pack

The All-in-One SEO Pack is an essential component that every blog must have. As the name suggests, the All-in-One SEO Pack helps you with all your SEO needs even if you have no clue about SEO. It comprises several tools that help you edit and change the metatag descriptions, permalink structures for posts, pages, categories, archives etc. among many more SEO features.

W3 Total Cache

The W3 Total Cache helps to load your pages quickly and efficiently so that your blog can keep pace with the hurried pace of your visitors. This plugin however, requires some bit of configuration to optimize it with your blog.

WP Touch

WP Touch is an effective Responsive Plugin intended for smartphones so that your smartphone visitors can totally avoid scrolling. This plugin can significantly increase your mobile traffic as smartphone users will find your blog more user friendly and attractive.  You can also benefit from the built-in advertising option in WP Touch.

Social Media Widget

Any WordPress plugin list for SEO is not complete without the Social Media Widget. The Social Media Widget is probably one of the most downloaded wordpress plugins. This plugin helps you drive a lot of free traffic to your site from shares on various social network sites. The plugin can be customized to enable the readers to quickly share your blog on any social network of their choice. There are also many other advanced social media plugins that enable direct integration of social media into your blog.


Google ranks blogs based on how much and how good your blog content is – you should base your content strategy around these factors. This is good in terms of satisfying Google and other search engines. On the other hand you might lose a considerable portion of your followers as they may find it difficult to find what they want, which in turn is bad for SEO. Toggler is a plugin that helps you organize your headlines neatly so your readers can find exactly what they are looking for.

Other than the plugins, you must also give importance to some more SEO aspects such as including keywords ranked by webmaster tools. This can give your SEO rankings a boost. Methods like syndication and registering in the various directories such as Technorati can also help boost your rankings.

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