Social Media and Security Risk Tips to Save You From Hackers

Social media is inflating up with its application throughout the world and with this; people around the world are keeping their connection with their near and dear ones. Though it happens to meet with the virtual reality of the people, but this social media interaction is found to be fruitful to keep in touch with people around the world. With this interaction hacking has become a popular scenario where hackers generally hack others profile and does malicious activities. There are many hackers crawling in the net.
Hackers are expert programmers and hacking in social media requires very technical skill but it is more of a psychological game. Social media is also considered as the biggest platform for news updates and are thus considered as useful. Today cyber crimes and hackers have posed to be a huge threat to the social media users. Hacking in recent times has become a nuisance and protection from hacking has become more complex. To prevent the users from the hackers, below are given some useful tips.

1) While creating your profile it is better if you put up less personal and professional information in it. This only gives the chance to the hackers to exploit the information and gain your trust.

2) There is a security advantage that only your friends can view your profile completely. So, it is of utmost importance that you must be very selective while accepting your friends in social media. You should accept only those people who are trustworthy and better not to accept unknown people.

3) Using anti-virus software is also an important tip where it is serving as protecting net which catches any threat that before it reaches your system.

4) It is better to hide your email id in social media and limit it up to “only me”. This will help to lessen the spread of your personal information.

5) When you allow accessing your data to an application, they hang on it forever. Sometimes we accept that for instant benefit without knowing about them. It is suggested no to use untrusted applications.

6) You should use as much as account settings that are given in your profile to save it from hackers.)

7) You should setup an email log in alert so that if someone unknown tries to login in, you can immediately change your password and save your profile.

8) Regular changing of email id and password is also considered to be useful. Don’t use the same username and password for a long time and don’t share this with anyone. Using complicated passwords is also helpful to save your profile.

9) Never open emails send by unknown or untrusted person because sometimes they send some codes and after installing that information can be easily hacked.

Some serious online hacking has been going on since past few years. We can’t stop this but this can be prevented if some of the above mentioned tips are used. Hacking has been an usual picture in today’s world. And this hacking always results in affecting others objective and trying to disturb them. Hackers are getting much better and with a little discretion it will go a long way.

About The Author: Brianne is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, travelling and blogging. She contributes to the Equity Trust Company Complaints website.

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