Google Landed Again With Penguin Data Refresh Update

With Halloween just round the corner and it’s not even the time for you to scare yourself with ghost images, when all of a sudden some search engine optimisers have received a sudden horrifying attack just at the start of the month. Yes, you have just made the right guess of the Google Penguin Update 3 which has again landed on October 5th, thus giving all the SEO’s a reason for their blackouts.
A Google Penguin “data refresh” algorithmic update has again landed which includes both Panda and Exact Match Domain Update from August and September. This recent update has affected 0.3% of the English Queries. News of this algorithmic update came via tweet from Google’s eminent engineer Matt Cutts. He has announced tweeting that Google is launching its recent Penguin “data refresh” algorithmic update which will affect searches across multiple languages. Here what Matt Cutts reported that the update will have effect on the following languages:-

0.3% of the English queries will be visibly affected

0.4% of the Spanish Queries

0.4% of Fresh Queries as well as 0.3% of Italian Queries

penguin timeline

Penguin Updates from Google so far

Including the first Penguin update from Google which was unleashed in late April, this is the third update which came from Google, so we are calling it as Penguin Update 3. Following is the list of Penguin Update which came out and the percentage of English queries that were affected.

Penguin Update 1: April 24, 2012 (3.1%)

Penguin Update 2: May 26, 2012(less than 0.1%)

Penguin Update 3: Oct 5, 2012 (0.3%)

Details on Penguin 3

The third penguin update affects 0.3% of the English queries as tweeted by the Google chief, Matt Cutts. The first Penguin update originally known as ‘Web Spam Algorithmic Update’ was rolled out in April and has impacted around 3.1% of the English queries which was a large rate to be affected. The goal of this update was mainly to clean up link profile relying mainly on spam comments and exact match anchor text. The second data refresh update rolled out in May, thus affecting 0.1% of the English queries.

This is the third penguin update from Google and it is mainly the data refresh update focuses highly on previous Panda and Exact match domain algorithmic update. Google announced this late on Friday (Oct 5, 2012) and it has also impacted other language queries at the same time with Spanish getting its impact as 0.4% and Italian impact is 0.3% of the queries.

Thus, Google launched the first Penguin Update in late April thus having a huge impact on its queries. The previous update mainly focused on sites with low-quality inbound links. This recent Penguin update is mainly the data refresh update and Google has also promised further shoves related to the Penguin algorithm.

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